I studied Architecture at Pratt Institute in the early 60ʼs. After leaving Pratt I worked for a small husband and wife architectural team in Alexandria, VA, Michael and Michael Architects. The practice was in Old Town in Alexandria and I had a wonderful time working on the many historic buildings there. We did surveys of buildings to see if they were salvageable and for many we did restoration. Also we did many infill projects.


After leaving Alexandria I moved back near where I grew up in Central New York State to Syracuse. I worked for Quinlivan, Perek & Krause Architects. Having attended Pratt Institute I had acquired many illustration skills that I put to use. Before too long I started acquiring commissions on my own. I decided that this was the part of architecture that I loved the most and went solo.


In the late 70ʼs my wife, young son and I decided to move to a warmer location. I had a sailboat on the great lakes so we decided to travel south by sailboat and took a little leave of absence. We looked at Annapolis, Savannah, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We settled on Fort Lauderdale where I stayed until 2002. I have since moved to Central Florida to a little village called Lake Helen. It is more rural and I'm back to having my studio at home.


 I have gone through many transitions over the past forty plus years. Originally I worked with pen and ink and airbrush, ala Helmet Jacoby. Over the years I have transitioned to water color as my main technique. Of course in that time many, many changes have taken place. Our tools have changed. No more lettering guides, slide rules, tru-points, erasing shields, etc. I have watched as the personal computer has virtually taken over our industry as it has so many others. At the beginning of my career a firm would have six to ten draftsman for every registered architect. Now everyone in a firm is a registered architect. I have also seen software improvements to the point that there are some applications that can allow the architect to design in 3D and convert to 2D for construction documents. And I'm certain that in the near future with the popularity of tablets and the cloud computing that we will see 2D construction documents go the way of the Leroy Lettering Guide. However, as good as some applications are, a painted rendering done in an artistic fashion still has an allure that the computer cannot, as yet, match.











985 Wood Street

Lake Helen, FL 32744

For those who have an appreciation of the art of architecture I am at your service.

- Ed Blackman



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